Romantic Flirty SMS to Flirting Day 2017 for Girlfriend

Romantic Flirty SMS to Flirting Day 2017 for Girlfriend

Hi friends, welcome back to our website This post Romantic Flirty SMS to Flirting Day 2017 for Girlfriend is about Valentines day sms. Valentine’s day is a very special day for all lover. After Perfume Day, Flirting Day is also special day. This day is celebrated in 18th February. Because we know, you are looking this text messages. Here you will get all latest update today text sms.

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Romantic Flirty SMS to Flirting Day 2017 for Girlfriend

Romantic Flirty SMS to Flirting Day 2017 for Girlfriend

Romantic Flirty SMS to Flirting Day 2017 for Girlfriend

Hey, you look a lot like my next girlfriend!

Do you know any good cardiologists, because my heart skips a beat every time I think of you?

I wish I was your teddy bear.

I’ve just got out of the shower. How about coming over and helping me get dirty again?

I don’t think about very many things, and I don’t think for very long, but when I do think, it invariably tends to be about you.

Of all the stars in the sky, there are none as beautiful as you.

Are you free…? For the rest of your life.

God created the world in six days, rested on the seventh, but it took him thousands of years to produce someone as perfect as you.

I can’t raise the courage to tell you how much I adore you, so I guess I’ll just keep it to myself.

Can you send me a picture? My friends don’t believe that angels exist.

Be careful when a gal tells you that she loves you from the bottom of her heart. For this may mean that there is still enough space for another boy on top!

Government of Pakistan has introduced a new rule… Good looking people should be thrown out of country!!! You r safe.. Oh! No where should I Hide???

Love is an illusion! It’s a highly dependency disorder of weak hearted people… People with strong hearts
believe in FLIRTING.

AM I CUTE? TEST call, if I am cute miss call, if I am gorgeous Text back if I am pretty Text a joke if I am charming Just ignore if you are jealous

A mobile is like women – Talks non-stop, costs a fortune, disturbs when you are busy and when you need them urgently they have no service

Give me some Sun Shine..!!! Give me some Rain..!! Give me another Girlfriend..!! I am Single once again..!!

I heard that good looks can kill… . . . . So, please don’t look at me . . . . I don’t wanna see you die.

Little keys can open big locks; simple words can express great thoughts. A text from you never fails to make me smile the whole day through.

Flirting Is Like A Game Of Chess One Wrong Move And You Are . . . . Married

One day you’ll ask me: what’s more important to you, me or your life? I’ll say my life and you’ll go and leave without even knowing that you are my life.

Bf: Pack ur bag honey, I’ve won Rs.10 crore in a lottery.
Gf: Wow! Thailand or Switzerland?
Bf: Who Cares? You just pack ur bag & GET LOST.

I wish I was your mirror, so that I could look at you every morning.

You’re so hot; I get a tan every time I look at you.

You were amazing last night. Imagine what it would be like if it wasn’t just in my dreams?

Sweet dreams… I hope I’m in them.

I really like our friendship, but I was thinking… Do you want to make it more?

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk past you again?

You’re already on my mind, and I’ve only just woken up.

Do you have a to-do list? If so, put me on it.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

I’m a bit like a Rubik’s cube. The more you play with me, the harder I get.

I understand you don’t want any more children, but is there any chance we can at least practice tonight?

The best thing about a keyboard is that you and I are together.

Don’t tire yourself out at work. You’ll need some energy for later.

I’m trying my best to fall asleep, but I just can’t stop thinking about you.

At night time I sleep dreaming of you, and in the day time I dream of sleeping with you.

You looked so beautiful the last time I saw you, that I forgot my pickup line.

Do your feet hurt? Because you’ve been wandering around my thoughts all day.

You looked great today. I know I didn’t see you, but I know you look great every day.

Send me a picture so I can send Santa my wish list.

If Van Gogh had you as a subject, the sunflowers would have gone in the trash.

Here’s to hoping your day consists of green traffic lights, the fastest line at the supermarket and all the quickest routes that will bring you straight back into my arms.

On a beautiful day like this, the only thing that could improve it is having you by my side.

A hundred miles away and you’re still here right in my heart.

You’re like a .com domain name – already taken. And I ain’t about to settle for no .org.

Don’t listen to your friends, listen to your heart.

I want you… To be with me In a nice Restaurent To have candle light dinner…. & to say those sweet three words to you…. “Pay The Bill”

Do you know whats A B C D E F G? A Boy Can Do Everything for Girl

Love bears all things, Love believes all things, Love hopes all things, and most precious of all, Love endures all things. Come we love and make things happy.

Now reverse da order, can you guess the full form of: G F E D C B A ? Girls Forgets Everything Done & Catches(new) Boy Again.