Robert Mugabe Memes 2017 | Top Funny Pictures with his History

Robert Mugabe Memes 2017 | Top Funny Pictures with his History

Robert Mugabe Memes 2017 updates: Robert Mugabe was born in 1924 Matibiri village in the Zvimba District northeast of Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia. Now, the present name of that place is Zimbabwe.He is a very well educated person. However, He started his career as a teacher at Chalimbana Teacher Training College. But, he is the current president of Zimbabwe and he won the present election on 2013. Read the below article – Robert Mugabe Memes 2017 | Top Funny Pictures with his History to know more. All are like her all quotes.

Robert Mugabe Memes 2017 | Top Funny Pictures with his History

Childhood and Early Life of Robert Mugabe

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born on 21stFebruary 1924. He is the third son of Gabriel Matibili and Bona. He has six siblings. His parents were Roman Catholic. On 1934, his elder brothers died and his father abandoned the family.

However, Mugabe studied in all-exclusive Jesuit on Roman Catholic schools. Besides, he attended the Kutama College. On there, he managed a lonely life and chosen to keep company with his books.

Mugabe intended to become a teacher. But, then he decided to study at Fort Hare in South Africa. He graduated in 1951 from Fort Hare. After finishing his graduation, he went to Salisbury, Gwelo, Tanzania, and subsequently. On those places, he earned six more degrees.He became a lecturer at Chalimbana Teacher Training College in Northern Rhodesia after his graduation. Moreover, he was a lecturer on that college from 1955 to 1958.

Robert Mugabe Memes 2017

Career and Major Works of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe is the current president of Zimbabwe. He was elected for in August 2013. However, Mugabe won the election by 61 percent of the total vote. At the time, he became a President of Zimbabwe he implements a five-year plan that started from 1989. On his five-year plan, he released price limits for farmers and allowed them to set their own prices. He also built a number of schools and clinics for all the peoples of his country. After five year period, the economy of Zimbabwe had seen an extremely positive change in terms of the mining, manufacturing, and farming industries.

Awards and Achievements of Mugabe

Robert Mugabe is a great leader and for his excellent works, he has got many awards. He was a very good student as well. He has many degrees and doctorates which he had earned from International Universities. On the other hand, the best achievement he had is that he had elected as a UN Leader of Tourism. He has many other achievements and leading his country with good leadership.

Robert Mugabe Memes 2017 | Top Funny Pictures with his History

Personal Life and Legacy of Mugabe

Robert Mugabe married Sally Hayfron in April 1961. After that, they had a son but he died at the age of three by suffering from cerebral malaria. On 1992, his wife died of her kidney problem. But, the twist is, he was within a relationship with his former secretary Grace Marufu. Moreover, Grace Marufu was 41 years younger than Mugabe and had already married. However, Mugabe married Grace on 17th August 1996. Grace had already two children at the time she married Mugabe. On the other hand, Grace became pregnant with Mugabe’s child when he was still married to Sally.

Conclusively, it is needless to say that Mugabe is a great leader and he is leading his country very well. So we present to you this collection of Robert Mugabe Memes 2017. But, his family and marriage life has turned out to be unwell. Besides, Wikileaks cables 2011 suggest that he has prostate cancer.