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Latest Happy New Month Messages for Lovers

NEW MONTH INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE WITH QUOTES COLLECTION is a happy new month messages collection. Here you will get some special New Month Text Messages. You can use these Messages to Whatsapp status & Facebook status. Please share & send this NEW MONTH INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE By Whatsapp, Facebook, Google & Twitter. Enjoy the collections below.


Happy new month. We shall go forward this month. Happy new month.

This month of February is the month of great result, I see you fruitful on all side. Fear not saith the Lord Your doors shall be opened continually.

In this month of February, the Lord will prepare a table before you. He will anoint your head with fresh Oil and fill your Cup to quench the thirst in your soul. Surely the Goodness and Mercy of the Lord will pursue and overtake you this month IJN.

Welcome to the month of february, Your month of UNLIMITED JOY, HIGHER GROUND and VICTORY. Blessed shall though be went you go out & coming in. you shall be called BLESSED & VICTORY of the Lord.

Favor is the Flavor that adds color to ones Labour. A day of Favor is greater than a Lifetime of Labour. May God always favor you this day and beyond in this Month of February. HAPPY NEW MONTH.

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! it’s a new day, experiencing d new breeze February. Is GOD not worthy to be praised? I wish you all d good tins you wish yourself. Happy new month. Shalom


New month is here! I ask for God’s BRAIN to DRAIN away the RAIN of PAIN in your life and fall RAIN of GAIN on you so dt what you OBTAIN and ORDAIN to be will not turn into VAIN. Have a wonderful febuary …

WE got not this month of February by our own hand, but God’s hand and power, because He FAVORED Us. May the favors of God chase this month. Happy New Month!

It’s new, it’s fresh, It’s lively, It’s a new dream, a new smile, a new hope, a new day and a new month, Welcome to February your month of excellence.

Welcome to thus BRAND NEW FEBRUARY! May you receive the Grace & Enablement to achieve all you were unable to achieve last month. It’s well wt you! Happy New Month of Love!

Welcome to  February; your month of undeniable proofs of God-at-Work in you! In this month, God will work it out while you walk thru it; God will fight it out while you take a flight. He will break the barriers while you experience the breakthrough! Nothing is against you because you ARE ABOVE ALL

Today as the new month begins, I hope for you wonderful things That a new page is turning And fresh times will come I wonder what this month will bring.

I pray for your days to feel bright for your sleep to be sweet in the night, For your health to be full
And your dreams to come true. May your heart feel happy and light.

The month starts hurray! May it bring happiness, friendship, Love and health blessed, And blow the past troubles away!

Just keep saying AMEN + Surprises + Elevation + Peace + Favor + Wealth + Success + Longlife +Joy + Promotion + Protection + All & more shall be yours IJN Happy New Month. Always welcome new day of the new month…

As it boosts our capabilities and energies to achieve anything, It brings new hopes, new strength
So buckle up for the better future. Happy New Month.

As the sun shines and it is Visible for all to see so shall the Glory of God is in your Life always Happy New Month.

The Destiny of sugarcane is to be cut at the time of its sweetness May you not be cut off at the time for u to flourish &Prosper You will Fulfill your destiny in Jesus Name Happy New Month …

Every Egyptian u saw in the past months u will see no more For God shall Fight for u and U shall hold your peace, all your expectations from Jan to Date shall he fulfill In Jesus Name Happy New Month …

One Month gone already, we thank God for his grace, love and protection. He didn’t remove His Subsidy so we are grateful. May you enjoy d best of the next 30 days?

May your tomorrow be brighter, May this new month be more successful, I wish this month brings more inspiration and love in your life, Happy new month.

As the sun shines and it is Visible for all to see so shall the Glory of God be in your Life always Happy New Month…

As the new month begins, Here are my wishes for you, May this month keep you healthy, May you achieve all of your daily targets; May you remain happy and whole; May this month be better than all of the previous months of this year! Happy New Month to you.

Always remember to never forget and never forget to remember that your resolution to be successful is more important than anything. Drive your eyes heart with motivation and go into this new month to achieve great things. Have a Splendid New Month my buddy.

May new month becomes one of the most blessed and happy months for you. In this beautiful month, May its shining lights up every dark corner of our heart, May our all prejudices against each other disappears, May Allah give us the strength to follow His orders, May peace transcend the earth. Bless You A Very Happy New Month.

I wish you strength. I wish you to be wise. I wish everything that’s likewise. Happy New Month my friend.

Life’s like a cup of tea. To be filled and enjoyed. Happy New Month dear.

When a new day come. New things going to be happen. But in new months
It means new opportunities with new session. Happy new month

I have seen the charm on the faces of all the creatures. What a splendid morning of this Month. Happy New Month

May it bring gifts of joys? good health and surprises. Best wishes for a Happy New Month.

Do not try to be successful, but to be of value. and create a example for others
Happy new month.

Because you’re the sun that lights up my sky, I have decided to share my life with you, my dear princess. Thanks for a wonderful month of joy and promises. Happy month, love of my soul!

I’ll love you to infinity, just for being as you are. Thanks for all you give me, sweet desire of my heart. Happy first month of dating!

This is to my beloved, with love, for being such a wise and good person. You’re the one who lights up my life and my hopes. I love you dearly. We will have a beautiful first month of dating.

To the love of my life, the person who took my heart, the prince whom I had always been dreaming of… in this special occasion I can only say: Happy first month of dating, my dear.

A nice month is what I wish to the beautiful queen of my dreams, the one that has come to make me see life as it is: beautiful in all its aspects as long as the pillar that remains is love. Happy first month, my darling! Thanks for being by my side

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