Heart Touching Love Shayari in English | So Emotional

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English | So Emotional

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Heart Touching Love Shayari in English | So Emotional

Do you love someone? Then love shayari is most important for you to impress your lover. You will use our Heart Touching Love Shayari in English | So Emotional for impress your sweetheart. Do not worries just send them these cute sweet love you shayari and impress him/her.

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English | So Emotional

I Will Wait…Till The Day
“I” Can Forget “You”..
Or The Day You Realize
“You” Cannot Forget “Me”…

I’m the heart, You are the heartbeat,
I’m the breath, You are the oxygen,
I’m the body, You are the soul,
we are two bodies, one soul…

 L – Listen (me)
O – Observe (me)
V – Verify (me)
E – Experience.(me)

Soft music around us,
Love in the air,
Lights are dim,

I am with him…
I LOVE HIM…..!!!

Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
Love is lover’s intense passion and desire.
Love is sweetest of all N ever
. . .-._.-.

I sent my cares the wind & asked the wind… Pass them You.. When u fell the wind blowing against Your face… That’s me saying LOVE YOU.

What is Cute feeling in love..!
Girl will be thinking about boyfriend
suddenly a MSG beeps from her mobile saying-
honey stop thinking about me
yah i am getting Hick-ups.

Sun shine morning time, moon shine night time,
but you shining my heart every time………
140 character love messege

A man had given all other bliss,
And all his worldly worth for this,
To waste his whole heart in one kiss
Upon her perfect lips

Charm is Your face..
Character is Your great…
Great is Your smile…
Best is Your style.

They say sugar is sweet and honey is too

but baby what do I call You?

Your sexier than sexy and hotter

than hot that there’s only one name

for You and that to good to be true

Starting a new day,
Starting a new life,
Starting a new page,
In the Endless Book of Life

You are the romantic tide who made my heart wide,
wish you be my bride and make my life pride.

Don’t search for a very good sms to send me.
I’ll b happy with an empty sms of yours…
because More than the message,

seeing your name cheer me up……..

If I could bring back Memories
I would bring the first day i kissed you
I look u in the eyes and felt love…
Thanks god an angel came into my life!

Magic Words For A
Great Relationship Are,
” I Love You”
” Just The Way You Are “

GIRL: Do I ever pop into your mind?
BOY: You’re ALWAYS on my mind!

I hated the rain until I danced with you,

then like the rain, I fell for you.

Messages are given to those who are apart,
But what shall I give, When you are in my heart.
& always silently come in romantic thoughts.

I want to drink the water from your lips
I want to hear the movement of your soul
I want to touch the sound of your heart
I want to be you…

Heart is empty without love.
Mind is empty without wisdom.
Eyes are empty without dreams.
& Life is empty without you..

Girl – who is most romantic girl for you
Boy- you are the second most romantic girl I have ever seen
Girl- who is first
Boy- when you looking into my eyes being romantic.

When I think about you,
a sweet smile appears on lips.
When I remember the
movements along with you,
they remain as sweet memories to me.

If a kiss could say
just how I love you ….
My lips would be
on yours Forever….!!

Since I met you
I died in your sweetest smile
I felt in love with your eyes
and your presence made me wild

Oh my beloved strip me bare
Take me, raise me higher and higher
Let me lose all my senses
That i mingle with you in divine love
Make me whole again in oneness

You showed me how it is to be loved.
Now i know what really love is.
1 day we will be together forever.
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.

Being single is a choice. Some say to avoid heartaches,
heartbreaks, love problems but some single choose to be
single ’cause they still in love with someone secretly.

It Hurts When You Need Just A Piece Of Love
& There Is Nobody To Give It
It Hurts Even More When you Have An Ocean Of Love
& Your Loved 1 Is Not There to Receive It

I am here not because I should be,
Not because I am captive in this situation,
But because I prefer to be with you
To be anywhere else in the world …

I have a simple calculation
on how long we will be together.
Count the stars in heaven
and sand on shore multiplied
by the heartbeats forever

Be Often Fail to Understand
the Feelings Of the 1 Who Is Very Close

To Our Heart,
Coz D Book When Held

Very Close to Our Eyes Is Very
Difficult to Read

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